Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Still Dithering

After picking up the latest white dwarf I'm more enamored with the knight model than ever.  I'm not going to pick one up but I eagerly anticipate facing off against it on the table.  As for dithering... still no painting but I have worked on a 1500 point list.  I figure at 1500 points an opponent could justify spending the points on a knight model.  Specifically I'm trying to convince a friend to add the knight model to his 1250 raven guard army.  As for the Eldar army list at 1500 here below is a snap shot of the models.  At a later time I'll put my mind to building a 1500 raven guard list with a knight ally.

-- Edit --

Ok playing around with army builder and think following could be a fun list to play with Raven Wing and Knight


3 x 3 Bikes - Melta Bomb, 2 Plasma Guns, MM Attack Bike

2 x 5 Black Knights


Total Points: 1500

That gives you 32 double tap plasma gun shots a turn, 3 multi melta shots, 1 plasma cannon, 7 scoring units, and big bessie itself with the melta pie plate and D close combat weapon.  Model Count is low at 24 models but the presence of the knight will draw fire away from the bike units.

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