Friday, April 18, 2014

Seth and the Crimson Reaper

Its been some time since I last posted.  Not much to report on any hobby progress.  Except that I've picked up a knight!  I'm back on the fluff band wagon, this time I've returned to the Flesh Tearers.  I've decided the above knight will be the heraldry I paint on my knight to slot into my blood thirsty marine army.  The colours I paint it will be slightly more in line with the flesh tearer paint scheme.  No transfers for me either (as I don't know if I can find the above scythes on the included transfer sheet).

The list then at 1850:

Seth (can swap in librarian if desired - would allow me to take heavy bolters on my Baal Preds)

Priest - power axe

5 Assault marines - melta gun rhino
10 Assault Marines - 2 melta guns, rhino
10 Tac Marines - plasma gun, missile launcher, rhino
6 Death Company
1 Death Company Dread - lightning claws

2 Baal Preds

Storm Raven - multi-melta, plasma cannon

Knight Errant

Total Points - 1850

So without the Knight I have my 5th edition blood angel list.  Not to competitive and what not.  The Knight; however, will breath new life into the army I believe.  I now have tools to deal with MC's and death stars (something that my army just folded to before).  Also, target priority should help protect my embarked troops on the storm raven the turn it arrives.

Nice to have the creative hobby juices flowing again.

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