Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Starting A Plastic Eldar Army...

Excitement is building with the new codex around the corner.  Now that I've succumbed to my low will power I believe its full steam ahead to building a plastic Eldar Army (bought the one click launch).  Above is the foundation that I plan to build from.  I've heard a rumor that fire prism's are nerfed but c'est la vie I've already invested time into painting them.  I started the process of painting up white on the third wave serpent so that my Avengers will have matching rides.  I plan to put 5 wraith guard in the yellow serpent and the run the x-wing variant flier.  I've lots of magnets piled up to apply to the wraithknight as well.  Also, I think I have a way to make a plastic spirit seer (simply use the seer head in the wraithfighter kit rather than supplied farseer head.  Fleshing out troops I'm not sure what I'll do, jet bikes are an option but I hate investing in models that are still so dated: time will tell.  Man the anticipation is killing me.

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