Monday, May 5, 2014

New Rules = New USR's

7th edition appears to be around the corner.  While I'm excited to see the changes I'm putting the brakes on my 40k hobby.  I think I will wait until the dust settles with the new rules before I start thinking about how to move forward with my armies.  It the mean time I will go back to my 5th edition Flesh Tearers for 1850 games of 40k and my 2k lizardmen.  I'm actually really stoked to go back and work on my lizards.  I think Fantasy is in a real good spot right now (especially with the release of dwarfs and wood elves).

One thing I'm hopeful for is a change up on some of the existing USR's for 40k.  Specifically, I would like to see my blood angels regain their 5 initiative stat.  The old furious charge was a big reason I invested in this army.  In that vein, I'm hoping that my marines will once again be able to assault out of a rhino if it did not move the previous turn.  Those two changes from 5th to 6th really gutted my army.(though to be fare I hope we don't see a return to the old rage rule).

With respect to my eldar, I would like to be able to assault from reserves with my scorpions.  Also would like to be able to assault from a stationary wave serpent with my banshees.  I would like to see a clarification on how ilyiac works.  To that end I hope the rules of sharing USR's between IC's and squads is cleaned up.

As far as the rage that has exploded this afternoon over the option to play without FOC restrictions goes, I hold off on judging this change until I see what bonuses are gained by designing an army in alignment with the FOC requirements.

In conclusion here are a couple of photo's of my current Flesh Tearer and Lizardmen armies.


  1. It also makes a lot more sense with that initiative boost to take lightning claws for termies. Choices should be balanced internally for the book as well as with other codices.

  2. As a templar and ork player, I greatly agree with your statements. Templars used to have furious charge lighting claw terminators....with reroll misses on the charge. Miss those days.