Wednesday, May 7, 2014

7th Edition Eldar 1500 Points

Could not resist the Eldar.  I put together a 1500 point list for 7th edition.  I want to finish my Alatioc army hobby wise.  A list at 1500 points leaves me room to expand the army keeping in mind any new changes I might see with the new rule set.


Farseer - singing blade


2 x 10 Avengers - wave serpent, scatter lasers, shuriken cannon

10 Storm guardians - fusion guns, wave serpent, scatter lasers, shuriken cannon

2 x 5 Rangers


Cimson Hunter


Night Spinner

Over all I think it fits with Alaitoc fluff.  My main opponent will be guard so I would like to try some of the missions from IA 11.  

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