Wednesday, May 7, 2014

7th Edition Painted Flesh Tearers 1250

Along the same vein of last post, I'm having fun making army lists for a new rules edition.  This time I've put together a painted 1250 list (though I need to finish  basing some models and the priest).  This may be the army I learn the new rule set on.  I have no time to paint so I will play with what I got.  Most important part about this game - for me - is playing with painted armies.  Winning or losing becomes less important then.  Anyway hear is the list.



10 Tac Squad - missile launcher, flamer, rhino
10 Assault Squad - 2 melta guns, rhino
5 Death Company
Death Company Dread

2 Baal Preds

Storm Raven

1 comment:

  1. I know Seth isn't a great HQ choice, but I've always liked the Flesh Tearers and his big ol' angry chainsword...
    They're alright...y'know, fer Beakies...
    Good luck and go get 'em!