Monday, August 30, 2010

An Idea

What about this list?

Honour Guard - 4 Melta-Guns, Razorback

Tactical Squad - 1 Melta-Gun, Multi-Melta, Power Fist, Rhino
Assault Squad - 2 Melta-Guns, Power Fist,

Heavy Support:

Seeing as the meta-game involves lots of melta spam, I thought I should focus on meltaguns rather than plasma guns.  Also, with the meltaguns, the Honour squad is more flexible by being able to support assaults.  The previous idea stays intact so much that the Honour and Tactical squad's first priority will be to head straight for middle ground and hold it.  I plan to try and utilize Seth in a more flexible role.  His job will be to support my Assault troops on a different flank.  After thinking about his strengths and weaknesses, I figure Seth can shine in close combat as long as he is not facing powerfists, boneswords or anything that can double him out.  Also, my defeat against the nids the other night taught me that I need more heavy weapon support.  Seeing as Seth is designed to take on horde type squads I feel I can skip on the Baal.  I figure that if I replace the Baal with a Vindicator, I still have the ability to face hordes with my s.10 large blast, but I can more effectivlyl deal with high toughness/armour.


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