Saturday, March 19, 2011

Eldar Wasp

Now this would be a fun troop choice to build an army with.  I was taking a look at the new Eldar Forgeworld models and really dig the Eldar Wasp.  The experimental rules are here.  3 Wasps with shuriken cannons cost 165 points.  I play mostly fun games where I think using the experimental rules would be ok.  I'm seriously tempted to pick some of these models up.  They would fit the Alaitoc ranger theme perfectly.  I might play test them with my Warwalker models in a thousand point list.  Something like this.

Autarch - Spider Pack, Fusion gun, Mandiblaster, Power Sword - 125

Scorpions - Exarch, Powerclaw, Move Through Cover, Infiltrate - 212

5 Pathfinders - 120
5 Pathfinders - 120
2 Wasp's - EML's - 170

5 Warp Spiders - 110
2 Hornets - Shuriken Cannons - 130

Not sure what to do with the remaining 13 points.  I would most likely out flank the scorpions and hornets.  Then deep strike the wasps, autarch and spiders to what ever side of the board the scorpions come out.  Hopefully the pathfinders can withstand a turn of focused fire.  I see this list as fun to play as it could force the other player to react to your moves rather than being able to control the pace of the game themselves.

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