Monday, August 23, 2010

1000 points of Seth

So this is the current 1k Flesh Tearer list I have been working on.

Gabriel Seth
Honour Squad - 3 power swords, razorback

10 man tactical squad with flamer and missile launcher upgrades for troops and power fist for sergeant.  Mounted in Rhino
10 man assault squad with 2 meltaguns, and power fist for sergeant.

Fast Attack:
Baal predator with assault cannon and heavy bolter upgrades.

I've played only 2 and a half games so far with the above list.  Game one was against Necrons where Seth's first action was to take out a monolith then he handily forced a phase out after systematically steam rolling through the Necron lines.  Game two was against the Imperial Guard.  Man can they pack a punch, at best all I could do was play for the tie.  Was not able to finish the game; however, as the store I play at was closing.  What can I say, I did not expect the Guard to hit so hard.  The amount of lascannons, autocannons, and plasma guns in a 1k list is sick.  The big lesson I took out of this match up was that the Flesh Tearer's must be played aggressively.  Get to the enemy lines as quickly as possible.  Otherwise they just get taken apart when they don't commit to an action.  The latest game I've played with Seth was against 1k of Eldar.  This was a very fun game which easily could have gone either way.  I won by a single KP.  The best part of this battle was when Seth and his honour guard bested Jan-Zar (spl?) the howling banshee phoenix lord and her supporting banshee squad.  Thing about Seth is he is not set up to duel IC's with his lack of a power weapon.  What he can do is soak up a lot of punishment allowing the honour squad to shine.

So there you go, one more post for my blog.


  1. Yeah...blowing up my Monolith. Not cool. I was just about to drop a tasty pie plate of doom to. Way to squat in my jazz.

  2. I suppose it was lucky in some form or manner. But still, for his very first kill to be a monolith, you got to admit Seth is off to a good start.