Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fleshing out the Tearer's

One of the reasons I wanted to start this blog was to catalog the development of my armies.  I've mentioned that currently I have been working on an army revolving around Gabriel Seth.  The following is what I have completed to date as far as assembling and painting goes.  As it stands this is my first test model with respect to the Flesh Tearer colours.  The plan was to paint them up as fast as possible and keep the scheme simple.  I like the way the deep red and black turned out.  It really makes the white shoulder symbol pop.  I'm thinking though that I should have put more detail into the bolter.  I may go back and pull out some of the details on the bolter with green and bleached bone.

The next photo's image quality is not that great.  Thought I would include it just to show what is currently assembled, primed and based.

I've almost completed the first tac squad, and plan to move onto my assault squad next.  Following the assault squad, I think the three tanks will be next.  I plan to leave Seth and his honour squad until the last as I want to spend some more time painting them up.  Also, as indicated in my last post, I'm not sure if I will keep the my honour guard kitted out as they are modeled.  As far as the honour guard go, I think I made a mistake by using the legs provided in the command squad box.  Instead, I should have assembled them using legs from an assault squad.  That way I could have modeled the five members of the honour squad to be more dynamic and charging forward, they are after all accompanying Seth.  At any rate, I plan to leave then as is right now and proxy different load outs to see what suits my play style best.  

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