Thursday, February 23, 2017

Iyanden Ynnari Warhost

Wow over a year from my last post... well what can I say it's been awhile.  So new Aeldari book equals a fresh look at my Iyanden army that one day will be complete.  Here is the list:

Ynnari Warhost:
Single Warlock Council - Singing Spear

2 x Guardian Squads

5 Wraithguard - D-Scythes, Wave Serpent

Wraith Host Formation:
Spirit Seer
5 Wraith Axes
2 x Wraithguard - D-Guns
Wraithlord - 2 flamers, wraithsword
Wraithknight - Suncannon

Total Points: 1500

So the idea is to lead the charge with the guardian squads and my lone wolf warlock, to provide cover saves and trigger soul bursts.  Behind them are the two foot slogging wraith guard squads along with the wraithlord that will push forward with extra moves from the soul burst ability.  behind them is my wraithblades escorting my spirit seer.  The spirit seer will roll/reroll on the Ynnari warlord traits table. If I get to pick my powers I'm not sure what I would go for.

The Wraithknight will pop around filling in gaps as required and trying to stay in 18 inch range of the spirit seer to stay twin linked.  I equipped the wraithknight with a suncannon for the invul save as well as a better chance to deal with horde style armies.  I may switch to the sword though and try for first turn charges.  If I take santic powers on my warlock, I can try and kill him off with peril's.  That would give the wraith knight a potential charge range of 26-36 inches right out of the gate.

The wraith guard with d-scyths don't really benefit from being in the formation (unless the wraithguard units get battle focus - I don't think they do) so they are taken in the normal cad.  They push a flank and do their thing.  Though I don't want them out pacing the army too much so as to leave them out of the 7 inch soul bursting range.

The army is essentially built but for some bits and bobs for the guardians.  I can focus on a three colour min fairly easily I think.  Then again it may be another year before I look at 40k.

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