Tuesday, May 3, 2011

1850 Flesh Tearers Assembled

I've been wanting to get some bigger point games in and have come up with the following 1850 list.

Librarian – Fear the Darkness, Shield
Honour squad – chapter banner, 2 melta guns, power sword, rhino

10 man tac squad – missile launcher, meltagun, powerfist, rhino
10 man assault squad – 2 meltaguns, powerfist, rhino
5 man assault squad – melta gun, twin linked las cannon
5 man death company – power fist
1 death company dreadnought

2 Baal Predators – assault cannons

Storm Raven – extra armour, plasma cannons, multimelta

So keeping with the flesh tearer theme it’s got Seth.  The general game plan is to start the storm raven in reserve if I get second turn.  Death company and dreadnought are in the raven.  The tac squad will be split into 2 5 man squads with the missile launcher sitting on my board side providing support fire.  The 5 man assault squad does the same and stays on my board edge to provide support fire.  Seth and crew, the full assault squad and the 5 man tac squad (with meltagun and powerfist) push forward in a group.  They get the feal no pain and 5++ cover save bubbles.  The librarian rides with the tac squad.  Each rhino has two very good weapons shooting from the hatch each turn (5 melta guns and the librarians fear the darkness power).  I will only disembark to counter assault or if my rhinos get popped.  The Baal preds will scout each flank and go for side armour shots. 

Over all the list has 4 scoring units very good anti-infantry, some deadly assault elements but light on long range anti-armour.  Up close the army has sufficient tools to deal with armour and ultimately that is how I want to play the list.  I think it will have trouble against grey knights (as I have to get into assault range to use my meltas), however the death company dread and the twin linked plasma cannons will provide some nice options to use against grey knight terminators.

I’ve tried to incorporate the 4+2 build from yes the truth hurts.  The big problem though is that my death company takes up 2 of my forward slots.  Over all I think a fluffy and effective build.  It’s not over the top but has a lot of the elements from the blood angles book that make them unique/good.

To bring this list up to 2k, I think I would add a chaplain and a priest to buff the above list.  The chaplain would ride with the death company and the priest would ride with the razor back assault squad to give them and the combat squad with the missile launcher a feel no pain save.

What do you think?

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