Monday, May 9, 2011

Counts as Wraithseer

I tried my hand at building a Wraithseer.  I found the head going through an old bitz box from way back when: its the head from a warlock titan.  Its the first time I've attempted to use green stuff.  I definitely need to work on that skill set.  Anyway, I'm going to proxy this model as a Wraithseer and try my hand at some of the new forgeworld rules.  As an aside I'm looking forward to IA11 and the attention that is coming the Eldarway.  So next Thursday I'm going to try out the following list:

Farseer - RoW, Fortune
Wraithseer - D-Cannon

10 Wraithguard - Spirit Seer, Conceal
6 Rangers

Wraithlord - EML, Brightlance

A very unbalanced list but I want to see if a full squad of Wraithguard are anymore durable with a Wraithseer along for the ride.  Just going to walk the list forward and see how much punishment it will take before crumbling.  Also want to see how a mobile D-Cannon plays out.  Over all 235 points a hefty toll to pay for an HQ that does not fulfill the HQ requirement.  One thing is for sure, I hope I don't run into a Grey Knight list that one shots the Wraithseer with a nemesis weapon.  I'll get a battle report together in any event.  As for the Flesh Tearer's, I've got a couple of games in the last week.  Both losses, but I'm coming to grips with what the list can and cannot do.

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