Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fire Prism Progress II

Worked some more on the Fire Prism.  The masking tape did not work as well as I had hoped.  I still have to layer some paint on the blue armor plates so I will have to be extra careful when painting around the stripes.  Don't think I'll try masking the yellow off in case the blue bleeds into the yellow stripes.  The yellow itself turned out well.  3-4 layers of iyanden, 3 layers of golden yellow and 4 layers of sunburst all watered down and applied in thing layers.  The under undercarriage I sprayed with white primer, then painted deneb stone.  There is a wash of sepia applied as well.  Going to add the next layer with bleached bone.

As for fixing the yellow stripes, because I used so much paint on my yellow layers there is a bit of a ridge. If I'm careful I'm hoping the ridge will prevent blue paint from spilling over and maintain my straight edge. Here is a photo from the side.

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