Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back on the Eldar train...

I think its time I put my money where my mouth is.  Back on the Eldar wagon and I'm confident I can take on Grey Knights.  As far as I'm concerned they are over priced vanilla marines when my runes of warding hit the table.  I've got two lists: 1k and 1.85k

1000 points

Farseer - Row, Singing Spear, RoWard, RoWit, Doom

10 Avengers - Wave Serpent, Stones, EML
10 Storm Guardians - Wave Serpent, 2 Flamers, Stones, EML

5 Dragons - Wave Serpent, Shuriken Cannons, Stones

2 Fire Prism's

1850 points


5 Dragons + 1 Exarch – wave serpent, cannon, stones, fire pike, crack shot
9 Scorpions + 1 Exarch – power claw, wave serpent, cannon, stones

9 Avengers + 1 Exarch – dual catapults, bladestorm, wave serpent, EML, stones
10 Storm Guardians + 1 Warlock – 2 flamers, destructor, wave serpent, EML, stones
5 Avengers

2 Fire Prisms – holo-field, stones
1 Falcon – holo-field, stones, EML

Total Points: 1840 (not surehow to spend the last 10 points)

Infantry: 43 models
Tanks: 7 models

This army is over ½ painted, I need to paint 17 infantry and finish my tanks.  While I've built my Flesh Tearer's army, I've nearly painted my Eldar army.  

My game plan is to put the two fireprisms in my corners and divide the rest of the army into two groups on each flank.  If I get first turn I use Eldrads divination power to move one group of the tanks to the other flank and pounce on the enemies week side.  I want to replace the scorpions with banshees at some point though (for fleet and power weapon attacks).  If I get second turn so be it I will turbo to one side and still refuse a flank.  Eldrad goes in the falcon and fortunes it.  The falcon then is surrounded by three  wave serpents preventing melta attacks.  That way Eldrad is in one of the toughest tanks in the game shutting down psychic powers and giving me force multipliers. 

To take it up to 2k I think I would add a fortune farseer (so three tanks can be fortuned a turn) fill out the dragon squad.  The major weakness is the lack of anti-tank.

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