Friday, May 27, 2011

Dual Autarch Reserve 2k

After thinking about it some more what about the following list at 2k?

(2) Autarch's - fusion gun

(2) 5 Dragons - wave serpent, twin linked shuriken cannons, under slung shuriken cannon, stone

(6) 5 Avengers - wave serpent, twin linked shuriken cannons, under slung shuriken cannon, stone

(3x3) Warwalkers - shuriken cannons

Total Points: 2k

Total strength 4 shots a turn: 30
Total strength 6 shots a turn: 102
Total strength 8 melta a turn: 12
Total scoring units: 6
Total armor 12/12/10: 8
Total armor 10/10/10: 9
Total kill point count: 21

The idea is the same as before, opt to go second and reserve everything (the warwalkers outflank).  Bottom of turn two 5/6's of the Eldar war host is statistically on the table.  The warwalkers provide nice rear armor shots and allow me to manipulate the opponents deployment.  Against land raiders where rear armor means nothing I have 4 bundles of melta gun shots.  Once the Autarchs use their reserve role modifier they (and the dragons) become suicide units.  My wave serpents will be split into two groups coming in on both flanks.  The idea is to coral the opponent into the middle allowing me room to maneuverer on the edges of the board thereby protecting the rear armour of the wave serpents.  I've tried to implement the MSU concept allowing me to split my torrent of strength 6 fire across the board.  

I think this list would do well in the meta of todays game.  Sure it lacks RoW however, 102 potential strength 6 shots a turn makes up for this.  Looking at the way the Grey Knight lists have been developing (strength 6 and 8 spam) I figure the Eldar could do it better.  This list is very manuverable and fast.  The only army that I consider has more manourerbility would be the Dark Eldar; however, Dark Eldar cannot produce the durability of Eldar mech spam.

I don't have the models though.  As it stands I have 4 wave serpents and 3 warwalkers.  Not sure I want to invest in buying 4 more wave serpents and 6 more warwalkers...


  1. I don't play eldar but this looks pretty god, nice blog I like the flesh tearers

  2. thanks for the feedback man.