Monday, May 30, 2011

Fire Prism Progress

Worked on my Fire Prism and have a solid base coat down.  I think I messed up though by taping of the wings for the yellow stripes.  After getting down about three - four watered down coats of Iyanden yellow, I realized I should have finished layering blue on the armour plates to make sure I had straight lines.  Hopefully I don't have any bleeding when I take the tape off.  the next step is to give a wash of sepia on the yellow bits then another light coat of Iyanden.  After the paint dries I'll start layering up to sunburst yellow.

Not sure how to approach the undercarriage.  I think I'm going to try and go with some for of layering to achieve a brownish wraithbone colour.  I'll finish the top plate and turret first any way before I begin the bottom plate.

I've settled on finishing up painting a thousand points of Eldar.  I'm so close.  This is the list that I have on que on my painting table.

Farseer - Singing Spear, RoW, Guide

10 Storm Guardians - Warlock, Embolden, Singing Spear, Wave Serpent, EML, Stone
10 Dire Avengers - Exarch, Blade Storm, Dual Catapults, Wave Serpent, EML, Stone

5 Fire Dragons - Wave Serpent, EML, Stone

1 Fire Prism - Holo-Field, Stone

Total Points: 1K

31 models
2 singing spear
3 twin linked EML’s
7 meltaguns
Fire Prism pie plate
32 bladestorm shots.
4 tanks

Tactically speaking, the Farseer's guide is handy as I can effectively twin link a set of weapons.  Plus the RoW will shut down enemy psychics.  The Wave serpents EML’s have a 48 inch range so they can sleuth around the table trying to stay out of range and pop transports to slow the enemy down.  The Fire Prism has a 60 inch range and will follow closely to the farseer.  Blade storm for anti-infantry as well as the large pie plate from the fire prism.  Anti-transports with EML’s and fusion guns.  Hand to hand the list suffers. 

As for the painting, I’m not happy with the way the models look right now.  I like the paint scheme but the models cold do with a face lift.  Not sure how to approach painting though.  Practically speaking, I should finish painting my four tanks first.  That way on the table top the army looks complete at 1k (until any units disembark).  

Order of painting:

1)     Fire Prism – I need to get this model done first as it is in the most pieces.  Once it is complete I will not have loose pieces of plastic tumbling all over the table top.

2)      Avenger Wave Serpent – This tank is nearly done.

3)      Guardian Wave Serpent – This tank is about ½ completely painted

4)      Fire Dragon wave serpent – Round it out with this tank that only has the base coat on.

5)      Finish my farseer and seal it.  The paint is chipping so I need to get it repaired/finished and sealed up.
6)      Guardians – need work done on their arms and weapons (unpainted) plus bases and touch ups.

7)      Dire Avengers – I want to give these guys a major face lift.

8)      Fire Dragons – I have my old ones with a crappy paint job that will do for now.  When the rest of the army is completed I will go back and paint my 5 new style from scratch.  Also, if the new resin models continue to replace the metal ones I might pick up a box of them so that my entire list is plastic but for the HQ.


  1. I would suggest dropping Holofields (and possibly Stones) from the Fire Prism- while they do up your survivability, you're trading the ability to shoot for a better chance of being alive, and a Fire Prism that isn't shooting isn't really doing its job. This alone wouldn't be a big deal, but they are also a HUGE cost increase- 1/3 the price of the vehicle for a marginal upgrade in usability. (Stones have a better argument since they let you continue jetting even when you get hit- not a big deal, but not worthless, either, and significantly cheaper.)

    Have you considered Doom on your Farseer? Guide is nice, but Doom will potentially affect the shooting of several units and has a much more flexible range. Personally my go-to is Fortune/Doom, but Guide is in no way bad.

    Other than that it looks pretty decent; I'm not a big fan of big Avenger squads, as they seem to die too easily in my experience, but a lot of folks swear by them.

    The Prism seems to be coming along nicely- are you finding the new "crystals" to work out well? They seem like they could be cool, but I'm not sure I'm sold on the placement and lack of coloration yet.

  2. To be honest, the reason I'm going with all the upgrades on the list was so I could paint less models. My normal 1k list dropped the holo-fields and stones on the fireprism. I also normally don't take the upgrade Avenger Exarch nor Warlock. With the points saved I can afford another fireprism. My list normally would look like this at 1k:

    Farseer - Doom, RoW, Singing Spear
    10 Storm Guardians - 2 Fusion Guns, Wave Serpent, Stones, Shuriken Cannons, Underslung Shuriken Cannon
    10 Avengers - Wave Serpent, Stones, Shuriken Cannons, Underslung Shuriken Cannon

    5 Dragons - Wave Serpent, Stones, Shuriken Cannons, Underslung Shuriken Cannon

    2 Fire Prisms with Underslung Shuriken Cannons

    I agree with you on the cost effectiveness of the unit upgrades I have selected in my original post. Thing is my goal is to get a painted army on the table asap (so I'm avoiding painting the second wave serpent until I have 1k painted). I've been flip flopping around between blood angels and eldar that I have not been able to focus on completing either armies.

    The Doom/fortune combo is good though I think the best thing about the farseer is the RoW. Normally my kit out of a farseer is doom, row, and singing spear. Guide I find works well when combined with a unit of storm guardians with fusion guns and a warlock with singing spear. I find being able to twin link 4 anti-tank shots coming out of a wave serpent very reliable.

    Avengers are way too over costed compared to other 5th edition troop selections. In fact with blood angels I had given up leaving my wave serpents to blade storm. Now though, with Grey Knights, I think the Eldar can start looking back to older methods of killing marines. With RoW, I'm thinking Grey Knights are expensive vanilla marines when going up against Eldar.

    I never put together an old fireprism model so I cannot compare it, but I do like the long barrel on the new prism. The new turret goes together very nice. I really like the crystals as well. Adds a nice touch to the tank.

    Anyway thanks for the comments.