Sunday, July 1, 2012

Eldar Dark Eldar combo idea

Been busy reading the new book and my head is swimming with ideas.  Thinking upon the multiple detachments and allies I've hobbled this list together.

2k List:

Detachment 1:
Farseer - guide, RoW

(2) 5 man avengers - wave serpent, shurken cannons up and down

(3) fire prisms

Detachment 2:
same as detachment 1

Ally 1:


3 Wracks

Razorwing Jetfighter

same as ally 1

Total Points 2k

If I drop a fire prism I can afford to give the wracks venoms with 5 points to spare.  Over all though I think fire prisms have improved with the new rule set.  Multiple detachments allows one to capitalize on their relatively cheep cost.  Dark Eldar provide the anti-air capability and two deck chair units with feal no pain. the two Runes of Warding stack to force a 4d6 psychic test.  I figure I would take a couple of random powers and if I don't like them take the signature spell that seems a little bit better than guide itself.  5-6 pie plates at bs 4 that can provide lots of different firepower as needed. The wave serpents can shoot both weapons moving 12 inches.  +5 jink save across the board.  Its purely a shooty list. Ultimately its just an idea.  But my head is spinning with them now so its handy to type a few of them out.

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