Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tentative 1k Grey Knights...

While not much to look at, with a bit of paint stripper I think this original Grey Knight terminator could be done up to represent an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor in terminator armour.  The plan would be to pick up a box of new grey knight terminators and give the above model a new set of arms and shoulder plates and equip it with a doom hammer and storm bolter.  I've taken a look at the sprues and it looks like there are 6 shoulder pads loads of weapons and 7 arms.  It also looks like there is only 5 storm bolters so when putting the five terminators together one model would have to be equipped with the falchions.  The other option would be to equip the above model with the doom hammer and storm bolter as provided in the grey knight power armour box. This might actually work out better as the above model is quit a bit smaller than the new terminator molds.

So what does this all mean?  Well, I have put a 1k list together that might be my next project after my 1k of Tearers is painted up.  It would be as follows:

Librarian - warding staff, the shrouding, quicksilver
Ordo Malleus Inquisitor - terminator armour

5 Grey Knight terminators - brotherhood banner
10 Grey Knight Strike Squad - 2 psycannons, rhino

Land Raider Crusader

Total Points: 1000

As for models, with the above representing the inquisitor, all I would need to pick up would be a box of terminators and marines of the grey knight variety.  I have the land raider, rhino and terminator librarian model as it stands already.    I thought that I might also use the Storm Raven for the grey knights but I still want to paint it up in death company colours and use it for my tearers.  Fluff wise the tearers can make do with rhinos and razorbacks, leaving the land raider available for my potential grey knight army.

The way I envision the above list working is keeping all units tightly together.  I want to overlap the different psycic power bubbles as much as possible.  The basic grey knights will stay in their rhino shooting the psyscannons from the hatch and casting warp quake to keep potential deep striking melta's 12 inches away.  The terminators need to be in assault therefore the landraider is needed to assure they get into assault.  Over all the terminator unit has the following going for it on the charge:

-20 force weapon attacks at initiative 10 strength 5
-5 doom hammer attacks strike last at strength 8
-4 regular attacks at initiative 10 strength 5
-2+ regular saves across the board with a 2++ and 4 4++ invul saves in hand to hand.

Because of the low model count, I think that in order for this list to work the terminators must be multi-assaulting when they disembark from the raider.  To help make sure the rhino and raider survive to get midfield, the shrouding will give the tanks a 3+ cover save first turn when smoke is popped.

Over all I think a fun list.  Ultimately it has the benefit of having few models to paint which is right up my alley.


  1. Every time I go back and read the Grey Knight Codex I sink further into despair, knowing that there is no way in hell I can beat the dex with my nids. Certainly not the lists I had envisioned as “good.” MC”s are straight up done and my mini MC’s, the warriors and the raveners are now on the back burner. The Trygon, my premier Monster and all around Heavy Utility is now a footnote. Not just because they’ll face force weapon instant death but also because every Grey Knight it happens to make contact with will probably have a halberd and a +2 init. That’s the crux, the init 6. You would think that such a bonus would be +1 init. That would be a pretty good bonus. Marine Captain init. +2 though? Now you talking Genstealer territory and it’s the magic number that catapults the GK’s past every unit in my dex. Most metal armies will have them by default and most plastic armies will take them because it’s just that good. Add a character, and now they strike at strength 5. Add grenades and their other strength and toughness altering abilities and you have the perfect multi wound killing units. And unlike some armies that have to pay a premium for their “situational” abilities, it seems like the points cost for such things are built into the GK’s cost, so upgrading a unit is a no brainer. In my mind, yes, the higher strength ammunition for shooting kinda sucks, the psychic dismissal of crew stunned results is hard felt and of course army wide force weapons hurt, but the init, that’s what I really cant get around, because it completely negates any sort of assault scenario I can come up with that would favor any unit I can put on the board. And that is what nids do best, that’s what wins games for us. Not against the Gk’s, and from what I have been reading and witnessing at the store, its an army that will hang around.

  2. I hear ya man, Nids took a hit below the belt with the Grey Knight release.