Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tac squad almost done.

Managed to work on painting this weekend.  I have yet to finish the bases, and add some details (eyes and purity seals).  I'm not that happy with the way the sergeants head turned out but when stuck in the squad the imperfections are not readily noticeable.  Once completed the next task is to finish painting my assault squad.  Still waiting on my Forge World order so my tanks continue to sit unprimed.  I want to include Seth in my lower point games so I've come up with the following list.

Honour Squad - power sword, multi-melta, razorback, heavy flamer, chapter banner

10 man assault squad - power fist, 2 melta-guns, rhino
10 man tac squad - power fist, melta-gun, missile launcher, rhino

Fast Attack:
1 Baal Pred - assault cannon

The models are assembled and in que on my painting tray.  As for the land raider and storm raven that I have assembled, I'm thinking of holding off painting these up for the Tearers...  I bought a copy of Grey Knights and might put these models in the back burner to go towards building a small elite force of pure Grey Knights.

I realize that the word on the street is that pure Grey Knights are not competitive (especially Grey Knight Terminators), however I love the new model range.  Just an idea though, I'm not jumping ship again to collect a new army, its just a thought.  Anyway, I've got my teeth sunk in to the Flesh Tearers and will continue to plug away to get a painted army on the table top.

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