Saturday, April 16, 2011

First 1K of Flesh Tearers assembled.

Now that the Land Raider is assembled, this is my Flesh Tearer list I'll play for awile.

Librarian: shield, unleash rage


10 man Tac Squad with: power sword, missilie launcher, melta-gun, melta-bombs, rhino
10 man Assault Squad with: 2 melta-guns, power-fist, land raider - crusader, multi-melta

Fast Attack:
Baal Pred with: assault cannon, heavy-bolters

Total Points: 1000

Basically a meatball list.  Everything drives forward to a pin point attack.  If the mission is roll dice and tie then the Tac Squad will combat and the missile launcher will camp an objective.  Over all the list is durable (feal no pain and shield bubble from the land raider).  Has good assault abilities (furious charge, feal no pain Assault Squad, preferred enemy).  Anti-infantry with 2 twin linked assault cannons, 2 heavy bolters, 2 hurricane bolters and anti-tank with 3 melta-guns and 1 multi-melta, 1 melta-bomb, 1 missile launcher.

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