Monday, April 4, 2011

Storm Raven

While not much: I'm happy that I've at least got this much of the model together.  I'm still waiting for my forgeworld order so the pressure is low to get my painting done on the Flesh Tearers.  I'm thinking of deviating from the instructions from this point on however.  Odds are strong that I will not add the air intake and servator cab on top of the model.  Bare bones I think the the Storm Raven looks cool but when you add all the clunky bits and bobs it becomes a bit too much.  I will add the front cock pit as provided but want to paint up the pilot in Flesh Tearer colours with a shoulder pad before I put it together.  As far as the extra gun turret goes, the plan is to under-sling it.  I will not be adding the landing gear, so as long as the under-slung assault cannon does not interfere with the assault ramps I think it will look ok.

As a quick aside if any of you looked at this months White Dwarf, take a good look at how they painted the pilot.  Stock red with no Flesh Tearer shoulder pad...  tsk tsk Heavy Metal team...


I'm dying to talk about all the new forgeworld goodness that has come the Eldar way, but I'm going to hold off.  I need to stick to my modeling guns and work on the Tearers.

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