Friday, April 22, 2011

1k Tearers vs Deamons

Got a game in last night.  I brought the following:

Librarian - Fear the Darkness, Shield


Assualt Squad: Power Fist, 2 Melta-Guns, Land Raider, Multi-Melta
Tac Squad: Power Fist, Melta-Gun, Missile Launcher

Predator: Auto-Cannon, Las Cannon sponsons

His army to the best of my knowledge (not sure of the upgrades):

Greater Deamon of Nurgle

7 Plague Bearers
8 Plague Bearers with icon
5 Bloodletters
5 Pink Horrors and the Changeling

Deamon Prince - Wings, Iron hide et al.
Deamon Prince - no Wings Iron hide et al.

I should have grabbed my friends army list so I could provide more details.  Anyway, the first photo shows the layout of the board before the game.  Note that models on the board are not yet put in play.  We played at our local GW store on a standard 4x4 GW table.  It was Anhilination and Spear Head.

The deamons got their prefered wave and deep struck around my tanks.  My target priority was first to take out his deamon princes.  Over all pred and land raider were able to put out enough fire power to take out his first deamon prince. on turn three.  Also, his second wave did not start coming in until the bottom of turn three (bad dice rolls on turn two).  Ultimatly I kept my troops in their transports and played my marines like I would my Eldar.  I just kept shuffling away from him and focused my fire on his deamon princes and greater deamon.

I made a greavious tacticle error at the end of the game though which cost me the win.  The last two photo's show the how his greater deamon ultimatly took out my land raider.  Unfortunatly for me, I could have moved it another 3-4 inches out of his charge range.  If I had done so, his greater deamon would not have been able to assault the raider and I likely would have taken him out in my next turn.  To pour salt in my wounds, after the raider was blown up, and my assault squad in position to grab another kill point the game ended on a roll of 1 on turn 6.

Ah well it was a fun game that ended in a tie.  I took out two of his deamon princes while he chalked up a pred and land raider for kill points.  All in all I should have played smarter but I guess you only learn by making mistakes.  I did like the way the land raider played though.  While very expensive, the 35 point discount helps and it can still dish out a nice bit of fire power.  It was a fun game and it felt good to get my army on the table top.  Next time though I'm bringing Seth.  The following photo's give a shap shot of how the game progressed.

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