Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Seth's Honour Squad

While I patiently wait for my etched brass order I've continued to take some baby steps and work on my modeling.  I should be painting but I enjoy putting the models together much better.  Anyway, I had assembled a honour squad for Seth back when I first picked up the Flesh Tearer's last summer.  I had put the stock models from the command squad box together and called it good.  I never liked the way the models looked though, especially when Seth joined the squad.  Everyone was static with feet firmly on the ground while Seth was charging forward.  Now that I've redone the squad (though I still have one last little man to put together but I'm debating on how to kit him out: melta-gun or powersword) I'm glad that I choose to do so.  I think the squad actually looks like a cohesive unit with them all charging forward.

I just kit bashed a Death Company kit making sure I avoided any Blood Angel iconography.  There are a couple of places the Death Company X are located on the models but if painted in the normal flesh coulor scheme I don't think it will detract from the models.  I still plan to play games with my list posted previously.  In fact I'm going to take on a 1000 points of Nids tomorow night.  Hopefully I can get some nice photo's and do up a battle report.

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