Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thousand Points of Seth III

Well, I've been working on cleaning up my forge world dread and thinking that I want to include Seth in my first 1k Flesh Tearer list.  Ultimately the Seth model drove me into starting this army so I feel like I need to include it in my first 1k list.  The reason I'm consistently focusing on 1k lists is that my local gaming store holds a 40k night once a week where the point limit is 1k every Thursday.  Being married with kids and a demanding career, taking a Thursday night off to get a game in works well with my schedule.  So that being the case I've been thinking about the following list to run at the 1k level.

Honour Guard - Chapter Banner, Power Sword, Melta Gun, Razor Back, Heavy Bolter

2 x 10 Assault Marines - 2 Melta Guns, Power Sword, Rhino

Preadator - Autocannon, 2 Lascannons

Total Points: 1000

I need to assemble another 10 man assault squad before I can field this list.  Over all I cannot think of another list that is more true to the Flesh Tearer fluf and still semi competitive than this.  It has 5 melta-guns spread out in three squads and a las/autocannon pred for anti-transport.  2 solid troop choices that can handle scoring and an anti-infantry role.  Finally it has Seth with his Honour Guard to act as a counter assault unit that will hit hard.  It lacks the psychic hood provided by the librarian but ah well you cannot have it all.

I'm flip-flopping again but at least it is zeroed in between running Seth vs a Librarian as my HQ and not between working on completing my Eldar vs my Flesh Tearers.  I'm really happy with the way the Hounour Guard models turned out so I want to include them in my weekly matches.  As for tomorrow I will take the librarian in the Land Raider simply because I want to see how the Land Raider plays on the table top.  But down the road I definitely will work towards including Seth in my lists at these low level point games.

As an aside, I've actually come to believe that Seth is a competitive choice to take.  While he lacks a power weapon attack, he still strikes at strength 8 at initiative 6 when coupled with the hounor squad.  What Seth allows you to do is team him up with a squad and save points on a power fist.  Even with a basic assault squad, Seth allows you to equip your Sergent with a power sword over a power fist.  The said squad can still deal with armour 13 in assaults with Seth, plus, Seth can deal an automatic hit with his whirlwind attack.  Ten points is a lot when putting a Space Marine list together.  Its not like building an Eldar list where none of the point values are rounded out in 5's or indeed there are many options to take for 5 to 10 points.

The other general complaint that dogs Seth is that he provides no force multiplier to a Flesh Tearer list.  I would suggest that the Blood Angel book does not need another force multiplier as it is loaded to gills with them already.  One can take Seth and still take advantage of fast Rhino's with assault marines as troops.  Take priests for feel no pain bubbles.  Take fast predators allowing them to fire all weapons when moving 6 inches.  What more do you need?  Seth gives you a dependable 4 wound model with a stat-line that is better than a marine captain with an invul save for a reasonable amount of points.  Plus by including him you can shave points when designing a list.

Anyway these are just some ramblings that I thought I would share before I head to bed.

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