Tuesday, April 12, 2011

1000 points of Seth part II

I managed to squeeze some time in and work on another model.  My Forge World order has still not arrived yet. With respect to the picture above, the Land Raider is put together.  I selected this photo to highlight the difference between the Storm Raven model and the Land Raider.  Man, the tech at GW must have improved since they casted the above mold.  The Storm raven went together like lego.  I bought the Land Raider full of defects (namely warped plastic).  All the rubber bands are in place to allow the plastic glue time to bond the plastic together.  One thing I learned that is if you give GW plastic glue enough time, it will melt the plastic and form as strong bond.  The elastics were put in place to ensure that the glue had time to set.  Over all (I believe) the Land Raider goes together much better if you spend the time assuring the chassis is built properly.

At any rate, I'm really digging the Land Raider model now that I have it put together.  While the Storm Raven went together in fine form... it still suffers from being too bulky and less believable as a flying assault vehicle.  Keeping in line with the Flesh Tearers list I posted awhile ago, I've come up with my 1K list I plan to play at my local GW gaming store.


10 Assault Marines: - Land Raider Crusader with Multi-Melta
5 Death Company
1 Death Company Dreadnought with Blood Talons.

1 Storm Raven - Multi Melta

I figure if I'm going to learn how the Storm Raven plays I need to make it a BIG target in low point games.  The only way to play outside of the box is to learn to play different armies on various gaming tables.  With only a Land Raider and a Storm Raven at 1K, my flyer will be a big target.  My plan of attack is to start any given game with Seth and his crew in the Land Raider on the table.  I will play defensively establishing a firm control of my objective with the scoring Land Raider.  The Storm Raven will start in reserve, and when it comes on the table, its MO will be to clear the opponents objectives or contest with its payload.

Over all not the most strategic list but a fun one.  I part from the Flesh Teareres fluff by including all the expensive vehicles but I feel that I am true to the flavour of the Flesh Tearers by assuring that on a ground level, the army is made up of assault units.  Plus I've included no frills that are available to the Blood Angels codex such as priests.  Still the Land Raider is picked up at at a 35 point discount and the Death Company simply rocks.  I also figure that I need not include all the fringe benefits of the Blood Angels codex to make a strong army.  Even without the Priests, the Blood Angels book rocks.  For example, a devastator squad with missile launchers is only a 130 points.

I believe that you do not need to invest points in all the bells and whistles of any given codex to build a competitive list.  This years results at ADEPTICON proves this true.  Although my prospective list is no where near a bare bones list, it certainly departs from the cookie cutter Blood Angel lists that are floating around the interwebs.   But again, I'm not too concerned about building a strong tournament army; but rather, putting together a fun modeling project with the fringe benefits of having a set of gaming rules attached.  Anyway, thats all I got to say for now.

Have a good one Interwebs.

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