Thursday, January 21, 2016

1850 Blood Angels Built (Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword)

So, I just can not get into the Eldar right now.  I tried.  Still will keep my promise to myself to finish the army this year.  I have been into the hobby though.  Been working on my Blood Angels.  I love the models.  Its a bit of relief really.  Don't care about power level, I'll wait until the next codex to be competitive.  I'm going to play models that I want to paint.  This is the list:

Lord of War:

Priest - Angels Wing, Valour's Edge
Terminator Librarian - Level 2, Combi-Melta

5 Sanguinary Guard - Inferno Pistol, Banner
5 Assault Terminators -Hammers, Banner, Land Raider Crusader, Multi-Melta
Furioso Dread - Drop Pod, HF, Frag Cannon

2 x 10 Tactical Marines - Rhino, Melta Gun, Combi-Melta, HF

5 Assault Marines - 2 Flamer Pistols, 2 Flamers, Jump Packs

Total Points: 1850

Its a big old brick of a list and I don't care.  Always wanted to run terminators and a land raider.  I was going to go with melta guns and a combi-melta on the assault squad but I decided to use up the left over blood angel bits from the tac marine boxes.  I still need to add some blood angel bling to the rhino's and land raider then its time to prime.

Not sure how to go about painting though.  I need to try out some paint schemes on a few test models. My friend will give me the use of his air brush to prime and put a dark red base coat down.  I also have a can of chaotic red army painter primer.  I think I will go with the air brush.  Its hard to beat for a smooth base coat.  I will likely go with a deeper red than mephiston for my base.  Not really interested in light red marines with orange highlights.  The darker red I go, the more in unison the new army will be with my Flesh Tearers.

It's a one trick pony list.  In deployment I put my land raider up front and center with the two rhinos behind.  Everything else is in reserve.  Turn one the drop pod comes down.  The land raider and rhinos move flat out right into the center of the other army.  Turn two, my rhino's and land raider are likely dead but I have 20 marines and 6 terminators on the other side of the board.  They shoot then then assault.  Turn 2 dante, priest and guard come down to pop a tank and the assault marines come down to burn a hoard.  Turn three I assault everything I can with what ever is left of my army.  Live by the sword, die by the sword.

The following are some photo's of the army being assembled:

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