Thursday, December 11, 2014

Highlander Flesh Tearer Army: 1250 Points

Joined a 1250 point Highlander tournament for the new year.  The Above is the army and these are the rules:

  • Rules for the tourney league.
  • 3 game random draw round robin to determine rankings. Lists may be changed from game to game.
  • Everyone makes playoffs. Play ladder to be determined after round robin. For playoffs list will be locked in, ei no changes.
  • 1250pts
  • Normal rulebook force organization (with some restrictions below)
  • 0-1 unit entry other then troops (can only have one of each selection. Ei for your elites you can have 1 termy assault squad, 1 regular squad of termies, and 1 squad of sternguard. No duplicates on anything but troops).
  • The Troop may only ever have 2 of the same troop type. (Ex. 2 squads of tactical marines) For armies that only have 2 or less troop types they may take more then 2 units of a duplicate type only after they have taken all other troop options but can only ever have a deviation of 1 (Ex. If the player has 2 kabalite warriors squads and wants a third, the player will have to include 2 units of wychs before the player can include the third kabalite squad. In no case could the player have more then 3 kabalite squads or 3 wych squads because that would move them out of the deviation of one.) If there is only 1 troop type in the players codex they may ignor the deviation rule and can max out their troop selection to the total amount allowed in the force org (6). They may not take minimum squads and must take atleast half the total amount of models they can take rounding up to the nearest multiple of 5. (Ex a squad of necron warriors with a max squad size of 15 would have to take a minimum of 10 warriors because 7.5 is not a multiple of 5. The player may take more if they choose and bring the squad up to codex maximum, in this case 15 models).
  • Characters that change a units force organization are allowed as long as they follow all restrictions on this page. In no way can a unit be in two force org areas (ex. A squad cannot be taken as a troop and then another squad of the same type as an elite. That unit can only ever be one unit type.)
  • No restrictions on amount dedicated transports for troops other then you may only have one DT per troop selections (Ex a Guard Platoon may only take 1 chimera per platoon). For non troop units its 0-1. (Ei troop units of kabalite warriors can take raiders. But incubi and a bloodbride squad could not both have a raider)
  • No "apoc" units (ei no vehicles more then 4HP, no model with more then 6 wounds. No lords of war)
  • No flyers
  • No AA or intercepter
  • No forts
  • No MC or vehicle squads. Vehicle squads with a total AV value or 32 may take a squad of 2. (ei the player can only take one leman russ or carnifex as a choice rather then 3. But the player can take 2 land speeders in a squads).
  • Flying MC can only hover
  • No painting needed
  • No proxies
  • No allies no unbound
  • FW allowed as long as the unit(s) follow the above restrictions.
  • 20 dollar buy in.
  • Prize will be determined based on number of participants. Thinking to start early December (odviously break for xmas) or mid January.
I think based off the rumors I can get the below army for 1250 points.

HQ: Librarian
Elite: 1 x 10 Death Company: Power Fist, Power Sword x 2
Troops: 2 x 5 Tac Squads: Rhino, Melta Gun
Fast: 1 x 10 Assault Squad: Flamer x 2, Rhino
Heavy: Land Raider Crusaider: Multi-Melta


  1. That sounds slightly restrictive- 'flying MC's can only hover'
    Flyers are such a big part of 7th Edition...

    No proxies- does that mean 'official GW models only?'
    That seems odd...I hope it just means 'no beer can drop pods,' even though beer can drop pods are kinda awesome in their own way.

    Way too many No's up there!

    1. Your Flesh Tearers look lovely tho!
      Really sweet work on those Rhinos!

  2. Wish i could take credit. Tanks and deathcompany are painted by frontline gaming. Ya the rules are pretty restrictive. I think the intent was to try and go back to 5th. Not really bothered though. There is about ten of us doing this and its a good way to get some games in.