Sunday, December 21, 2014

Flesh Tearer Exterminatus 1500 Points

After reading exterminatus I want to try out the following list.

Lord of war:


-9 death company - 2 power swords, powerfist.
-Death company dread - claws.

-5 man tac squad - heavy flamer, rhino.

-3 x 5 assault squad - rhino, 2 melta guns.

-2 Baal preds.

Total points:  1500

Probably not as good as detachment out of main codex.  But it's cool and I have the models for it.  Two rolls on flesh tearer warlord trait and a small chance for my models to have rage.  Also can take one troop and up to six assault choices.  I belive I still get furious charge as well but I know I loose +1 initiative.

If the army plays ok I might just keep it as my core and add to it.  Extra units would likely be taken from fast attack to take advantage of the detachment.  Perhaps a bike squad or some heavy flamer landspeaders.  I should take at least one assault squad in a drop pod.

Yet to have time for a game but I can finish up painting this army.  Should not take too long.  Base death company and storm raven models.  Add weapon bits and finish painting infantry. 

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