Friday, March 16, 2012

Eldar Hybrid List Viable?

So this is my 1k Eldar list that I plan to finish painting when I switch back.

Farseer - Doom, Singing Spear, RoW

4 Dragons + 1 Exarch - Heavy Flamer, Wave Serpent, Stone, Shuriken Cannons

10 Avengers - Wave Serpent, Stone, Shuriken Cannons
10 Storm Guardians - flamer, fusion gun, warlock, singing spear, destructor, Wave Serpent, Stone, Shuriken Cannons

2 Fire Prism's

I put the farseer in with the Avengers so they have an anti-tank shot.  I like the list from when I played it and want to stick to it because it is the fastest road to finishing 1000 points painted.  I still want to use scorpions and rangers when I expand and have been thinking about building my second 1000 points as footdar.  the 11th company pod cast had a good recap of the codex just recently and ultimately they concluded footdar is the way to go in the twilight of 5th edition.  Over on the Spirit Chamber Yriel has had great success with running a hybrid list (though I'm sure most of the credit goes to his experience as a player).

At any rate I've been thinking of adding a unit of wraithguard as troops, and a unit of pathfinders.  An infiltrating Scorpion unit and Eldrad leaves me with some points to beef up my avenger squad with an exarch and add another dragon with a few points to spare on some star engines for so of my vehicles.  I really want to include a unit of scorpions and figured they could support the unit of wraithguard in assaults should they need it.  Eldrad would be attached to the wraithguard fortuning both the scorpions and wraithguard and doing what he does best.  It seems harlies are the way to go but I want to finish painting up my unit of scorpions.

Any thoughts or ideas of developing my army this way?


  1. The list looks solid for 1k. I think it is really hard to get an effective "hybrid" list, at least how I want to run one, in under 1850. Otherwise you either take weaker elements of each or else you need to focus on foot or mech exclusively. At lower points, Mech Eldar is more powerful because of the lack of Anti-Tank other armies can bring while you can just play to the objectives extremely well (reserve, come in and grab objectives and contest or just hide while picking off easy KP).

    In the list provided, Storm Guardians are solid but fragile. I would either run them with 2 fusion, singing spear or 2 flamer, destructor as you want to be as focused as possible and mitigate any chance of dice failing you. Otherwise, it's good to go.

    If you take Wraithguard, they can act like Striking Scorpions in combat, good save, strength and so on, so hordes will bounce off. The problem with WG is fists and for that you need a unit with an invul save so Harlequins really come out on top here. If the new 6th edition rumors are true, Banshees would be good too since they are rumored to get 5+ invul from a regular power weapon.

    If you want Scorpions I would also take Harlequins and you can probably get away with 1 unit of Fire Dragons, just make it beefier =).

    Star Engines are a good buy as it gives you plenty of options. You can turbo up next to a tank of yours, shoot with that tank then use star engines to move in front of the tank that shot to grant cover while having a 4+ from turbo boosting itself. OR you can tank shock and if a unit falls back, use star engines to get within 6" to keep it from regrouping. Then there is always just being able to move 36" towards an objective or target. All of the above uses make them a great investment.

    Once again, Wraithguard are great just don't let them get charged by a lot of units if you are only running scorps for cc support.

  2. Hey thanks for the extensive feedback man and sorry for such a late response. St. Paddy's has taken a big toll on my this year. I hear you with the Storm Guardians. I equipped them this way so that they could act as a true jack of all trades to be able to handle what was needed as the demand arose. Ultimately my goal is to include scorpions and rangers as I expand my painted army. Just don't know how to do it. I can say I was thinking of wraithguard simply as a potential complement for them.

    Another option I was considering was pairing up the scorpions with Eldrad. Both lack fleet and Eldrad could really boost their damage output. Eldrad could also snipe power weapons/fists prior to assaults as well. For slightly less points points I can put out a kitted squad of scorpions and Eldrad in a wave serpent for less points than wraithguard and Eldrad.

    Harlies really are the go to assault unit for the Eldar but I don't want to undertake painting up a squad. I think It would grind me down always wanting to pay extreme attention to detail.

    If I abandon the hybrid route I might take a Falcon as my third heavy choice to provide a bunker for a unit of Pathfinders should they need it. Thinking of potential changes alluded to with the 6th edition rumors, I figure Falcons will get a huge boost as well as the banshees. I could probably do worse than painting up a falcon then.

    At the end of the day, the big thing for me is trying to stay true to Alaitoc fluff as I want to run the IA 11 campaign. So I feel like I need to include at the minimum a unit of scorpions and rangers. Not really sure how to do it. As well, I still have my 1000 points of lizardmen to finish painting before I return back to 40k. I just just have to get that train back on tracks after being derailed by pints of guinness.