Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Planning my return to Eldar

I've settled on my 1k list for lizardmen that I will finish before I switch tracks back to 40k.  At the rate I'm going I should have it done by the end of March.  The list is as follows:

Skink - General, Level 2, Diadem of Power, Ruby Ring

24 Saurus Warriors - Banner, Musician, Spears
11 Skink Skirmishers
10 Skink Skirmishers

1 Stegadon

2 Salamanders - Extra Handlers

I've nearly two thirds of the models painted.  I'm thinking it will be a good list to learn the ins and outs of fantasy.  I decided to drop the scar-vet for a stronger mage (plus on paper the diadem of power is awesome).  Any deficiencies I incure by taking the stegadon I believe will be made up by the presence of two salamanders.  Also, even though 90 point cannons can make short work of the stegadon, it leaves my salamanders free to burn up the table.

So with the first phase of my lizardmen drawing to a close I've been turning my eye back to 40k.  I was thinking of starting up my flesh tearers again but the siren call of the Eldar is beckoning me.  The smarter choice (read competitive) is to pick up where I had left off of the Flesh Tearers.  But with 6th edition around the corner I could end up painting an army that will be obsolete with a new rule edition.  In my heart I'm an Eldar player.  I dig the fluff and the models also it was my army back when I played as a teenager.  So I'm going back to them after the first part of my lizardmen project is finished.

First order of business then is to get 1000 points completed.  The above photo highlights where I'm currently at with that endevour.  After my 1k list is fully painted I've set my sights on a 1500 point list that I will be aiming for.  I picked 1500 points as my goal because it is the army size for the first mission in IA 11.  I should also say that IA 11 has done wonders for rekindling my love of the Eldar.  For some cosmic quirk when I first started playing Eldar I had chosen Alaitoc as my craftworld.  Actually it was no accident I choose Alaitoc because that was how the metal guardians were painted when the rogue trader box set was released.  I sure am glad I choose Alaitoc due to the growing wealth of fluff that has been developing with respect to that craftworld.  Because I'm a fluff bunny at heart I'm thinking that the 1500 point list I want to build will include iconic Alaitoc units.  What do I consider iconic?  Well two units in particular: Pathfinders and Scorpions.  So after my 1000 points are painted I will expand by first including those two units.  The following is a list that should be fun to run:

Farseer - RoW, Spear, Stones, Doom, Fortune

4 Scorpions + 1 Exarch - Claw, Stalker
4 Dragons + 1 Exarch - Fire Pike, Crack Shot, Wave Serpent, Shuriken Cannons, Stone

9 Avengers + 1 Exarch - Dual Catapults, Blade Storm, Wave Serpent, Shuriken Cannons, Stone
10 Storm Guardians + 1 Warlock - Fusion Guns, Singing Spear, Wave Serpent, Shuriken Cannons, Stone
5 Pathfinders

2 Fire Prism's
1 Falcon - EML, Holo-Field, Stone

Total Points: 1497

The list is in no way min/maxed but it is thematic.  The way I figure it why struggle with putting down a competitive Eldar army when you can put down a fun army to play using the models that you drew you back into the hobby to begin with.  As it happens I think this list fits an Alaitoc theme well which will make playing the IA 11 missions a blast.  On a final note who knows what the new rule set will do to the game.  I hope that by sticking with staple Eldar units, when a new codex does come down the pipe, a new army will not necessarily need to be built.  That's all really for now.  Thank you for reading.

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