Wednesday, May 17, 2017

8th Edition Iyanden Combat Patrol

I can't believe I've started painting again.  Man its been awhile.  8th edition has me fired up.  I put together 500 points of Iyanden (points likely to change with 8th) using a combat patrol detachment. Bring on the new edition!

Hobby wise, I've come up with a paint plan for my yellow.  Need to write it down here in case I need to come back to it down the road.

Yellow Armour:

1) Prime white
2) Prime yellow army builder spray
3) Outline model with agrax earthshade
4) Layer yellow with yriel yellow
5) Highlight with dorn yellow

Blue Bits:

1) 2 thin layer's of alaitoc blue
2) Edge highlight hoeth blue


1) Heavy wash of agrax earthshade

Eyes and Gems are red but I need practice on these bits.  Not sure what method yet to employ.  Blue bits need some work on highlights and shading.  Also I need to figure out a good highlight for the guns that pull the colour away from yellow.  I like the heavy wash over the yellow primer as it looks like a nice organic brown (which is good for wraithbone I think).  Finally I plan to base models with Stirland texture paint.  Not sure on wash or highlights for base yet.