Saturday, October 2, 2010

2k pts of Seth

I was listening to the 11th company and came up with the following 2 thousand point flesh tearer's list.  I tried to keep it true to the flesh tearer fluff and limit the number of tanks in the list.  I include a healthy dose of death company and assault squads.  It also incorporates the MSU razorback spam that seems to be popular these days (though the arrival of the Dark Eldar might change that).  There are three force multipliers included and most of the special rules from the blood angels make an appearance.  Of course there is Seth.

Gabriel Seth
Librarian: Shield of Sanguinius, The Sanguine Sword

2 Sanguinary Priests with Power Swords

2 x 5 Assault Squads: powerfist, melta gun, razorback, HB
2 x 5 Assault Squads powersword, melta gun, razorback, HB
5 Death Company: powerfist, infernus pistol, razorback, HB
Death Company Dreadnaught: drop pod

Baal Predator: twin linked assault cannon, HBs
8 Vanguard Veteran Squad: powerfist


So Seth and the librarian will ride with the powersword assault squads.  The two priests will ride with the powerfist assault squads.  That gives me two feel no pain bubbles and one 5+ cover save bubble.  All four assault squads have one heavy hitter (powerfists, sanguine sword, or Seth).  Also all four have meltaguns.  The chaplain will ride with the death company.  While they cost an arm and a leg, I really want to try out the vanguard veteran squad.  I especially want to try out their heroic intervention along with descent of angles.  I plan to run them with my death company dreadnaught and my baal pred.  Those three units will hit a flank hard.  The remainder of my army will progress up the middle of the board just staying out of charge range with the fast tanks.  I plan to stay in my tanks as long as possible.

I have to admit I am tailoring the list somewhat.  My main two opponents both play horde armies (orcs and nids).  This list would probably have trouble with other meq armies.  Ah well.  I like the list and think it is thematic.

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