Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Eldar 'Ard Boyz List II

Was reading yes the truth hurts and saw that Stelec has cut the Eldar from his potential ard boyz contenders.  So I thought I would take another crack at writing a list.  

(2) Autarch's - fusion guns, banshee masks (had 6 points left over to spend)

(3) 5 Fire Dragons - wave serpent, shuriken cannons up and down

(4) 10 Storm Guardians - 2 fusion guns, wave serpent, shuriken cannons up and down
(2) 5 Avengers

Fast Attack:
(3) 2 Vipers - EML's

(2) Falcon's - holo-fields, stones, shuriken cannons
Night Spinner

Total Strength 8 shots: 35 (25 melta)
Total Strength 6 shots: 48 + 1 rending large blast
Total Scoring Units: 6
Total Kill Points: 24
Total Armour: 16 (10 av 12 + 6 av 10)

The list has built in redundancy and incorporates the 4+2 build that Stelek prefers.  Probably not the best but I think a contender.  The added benefit is that it has the ability to shorten the game by two turns.

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