Friday, June 10, 2011

Storm Guardians

I've a notion lately to spam storm guardians in a mech style Eldar list for competitive play.  I still stand by my idea that the Grey Knights has breathed new life into the Eldar codex.  The Eldar naturally match up against the Grey Knights with RoW and their ability to spam melta.  From the net lists I've been reading and my take on the Grey Knights codex, their competitive lists include heavy bolter razorback spam, autocannon dreds, inquisitors wielding conversion beemers and retinues.  Its a lot of strength 6, 8 and 10 spammed shots with tons o'psychic powers thrown into the mix.

As it stands I have two lists that I'm working on tailored to meet this tournament threat.  Both lists spam melta by way of fire dragons and storm guardians along with loads of strength 6 fire power coming from wave serpents.  One sacrifices RoW for dual autarchs and their +2 reserve roll.  The other has a sole Farseer HQ bunkered in a fortuned falcon which role is to absorb shots and shut down psychics.  The lists are as follows:

Reserve List:

(2) Autarchs - fusion guns

(3) 5 Fire Dragons - wave serpents, shuriken cannons up and down

(4) 10 Storm Guardians - 2 fusion guns, wave serpents, shuriken cannons up and down
(2) 5 Avengers

(2) Falcons - holo-fields, stones, shuriken cannons

List Total: 1988


Farseer - RoW, fortune

(3) 5 Fire Dragons - wave serpents, stones, shuriken cannons up and down

(5) 10 Storm Guardians - 2 fusion guns, wave serpents, stones, shuriken cannons up and down
5 Avengers

Falcon - holo-field, stone, EML

List Total: 2k

Both lists bring over 40 potential strength 6 shots a turn and 25 melta shots.  The idea behind the lists is that I have the speed to strike at the long range threats to my army with all my split melta shots.  Both lists have built in redundancy and scoring options to meet all sorts of objectives that might be required.  I'm not sure though on whether it is better to reserve my army thereby denying the opponent 2 turns of shooting or include the psychic defence of RoW combined with hardier wave serpents.  

With the Autarchs I gain an extra round of shooting against my opponent and can alpha strike when I come on the board.  Having a lower tank count against more modern armies is mitigated by denying two turns of shooting.  With respect to Grey Knights the fortitude power is addressed by hitting his armour with melta guns.  I have two hard tanks (falcons) that sit back and reliably score late game.  Finally, with this list when I come on the board I present my opponent with a target priority problem.  Each unit is expendable and costs relatively the same amount of points.

If I go the way of the Farseer, I gain RoW, and my tanks are more hardy with the inclusion of stones, but I now face an extra two turns of being shot up.  Not sure which way to go. 

Now this is an idea and an expensive one at that.  In order to model the list I need another 30 to 40 storm guardians and 4 more wave serpents.  I've begun trolling ebay and kijiji looking to buy storm guardians that way.  To buy them direct from GW would cost around $450.  So for now proxy is king and I will test out my theory.  I've also installed Vassal and will try my hand there to test out my lists.  That's all for now, have a good one interweb.

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