Monday, June 6, 2011

Eldar 'Ard Boyz List

Playing around with army builder and came up with the following 2.5k list using up all the force org slots:

(2) Autarchs - fusion guns

(3) 5 man Fire Dragons - wave serpent, twin linked shuriken cannons, under-slung shuriken cannon

(4) 10 man Storm Guardians - 2 fusion guns, wave serpent, twin linked shuriken cannons, under-slung shuriken cannon
(2) 5 man Avengers - wave serpent, twin linked bright lances

Fast Attack:
(3) Vipers - EML's

(3) Fire Prism's - shuriken cannons

Total Points: 2498
Total Scoring Units: 6
Total Models: 82
Total Tanks: 15 (12 av 12 + 3 av 10)
Total Strength 8: 30 (25 fusion guns)
Total Strength 6: 66
Total Kill Points: 29
3 Fire Prism Tanks

Everything reserves and comes on bottom of turn two and starts shooting...


  1. No Farssers?
    Still, it looks like the Autarch is critical for this list...
    Seems good though, I've always wanted to run 3 'Prisms, nothing pike dropping down low AP Templates over MEQ armies!
    Storm Guardians are an interesting voice, most people dislike them, personally I've always enjoyed playing them, but they have been a bit lack lustre on the table...
    Anyway, overall I really like the list! Good anti tank, excellent anti MEQ and good anti infantry; exactly what you want!


  2. I think storm guardians are the red headed step sister of the Eldar codex. I also have a thing for red heads. I figure the reason no one seems to use them is that they all want the 'cool' aspect warriors. But in today's meta they seem to be the best option for the Eldar in the troop choice.

  3. True... they realt are useful for cheap objective holding and suicide runs. But they sure as he'll don't actually want to get into cc
    And my sister is a red head... stay away from her :P