Sunday, June 5, 2011

Work In Progress: Eldar 1K

I've changed the list I want for my first 1k.  Dropped upgrades like exarch's, warlock's and holo-fields so that I can squeeze in another Fire Prism.  Managed to work on the guardian wave serpent and have the yellow painted up.  Think I will turn to the fire dragon wave serpent next and nail down its colours then on to the last Fire Prism.  I plan to hold of on final highlights on my tanks untill all the base coats are down.  The tanks are slow going but I want to make sure I'm happy with them.  When they are done I've still a load of work to do on my infantry.  For now I think I will try and touch up the Avengers, but I'm starting to think of painting up ten more from scratch (they are already assembled).  As a positive aside, the more I get completed on this first 1k of Eldar the less urge I have to switch tracks again and go back to the Flesh Tearer's.


  1. That yellow really is excellent. It is no doubt the hardest colour to paint, particularly on a darker model like your Serpant, something which you have succeeded with!
    It's for that very reason why I avoid yellow, lacking your skill with the colour...

    I'm also a fan of your crisp and smooth painting style, something essential for all Eldar.

    My only criticism is that the scheme seems to dark; to me, craftworld eldar appear as bright, vivid colour schemes, with the darker ones beig designed for Deldar more.
    Other than that, good job!


  2. Thanks for the feedback man, just checked out your blog, glad to see another Eldar player out there.