Wednesday, June 15, 2011

1k Eldar vs 1k Nids

Got a game in against Nids.  The armies were as follows.


Farseer - Doom, Singing Spear, RoW

5 Fire Dragons - Wave Serpent, Stones, Shuriken Cannons up and down

10 Storm Guardians - 2 Fusion Guns, Wave Serpent, Stones, Shuriken Cannons up and down
10 Dire Avengers - Wave Serpent, Stones, Shuriken Cannons up and down

(2) Fire Prism's - Shuriken Cannons up and down



Hive Tyrant - Dual Talons
(2) Tyrant Guard Brood - Lash Whips
Tervigon - Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Catalyst

(2) 2 Hive Guard Brood 

Tervigon - Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Catalyst
10 Termagant Brood

Fast Attack:
10 Gargoyle Brood - Adrenal Glands 

The photo is poor quality and does not show how well the nids are painted.  The mission was annihilation with standard deployment.  It was the inaugural game on my new board.  The final score was 6-4 for the Eldar.  It was a close game though, down to the wire until the end.  Ultimately what screwed up the Nids was spawning easy kill points for the Eldar.  His Hive Guard did extremely well and knocked out a wave serpent and a fire prism.

Over all I'm happy with how my list performed.  The extra Shuriken Cannon on my tanks paid off in spades.  Although some turns the extra shots were sacrificed for speed, having the ability to hold the lines and increase my firepower output worked out well for me.  I lost a fire prism; however, I think loosing the holo-fields and stones was worth it.  I was able to get two turns of shooting the big pie plate with two tanks.  Turn three the main gun was blown off and I was able to squeeze another round of shooting with the cannon on turn four before loosing the tank on turn five.

If I was to change anything I think I might alter the Avenger squad.  As it stands they alone only managed to clean up a depleted gargoyle squad then survive.  I might replace the wave serpent and 10 Avengers for 5 Avengers and a Holo-Field Falcon with shuriken cannon and star engines.  The tank is hardier and likely able to survive until late game to grab objectives with the star engines.

As for the nids, if this had been an objective mission I think the nids would have done better if not take the game.  We thought some changes were required to his list though.  Drop the Hive Tyrant and Tyrant guard and fill out his hive guard.  The only problem with these changes is the lack of ability to deal with av14 with only 2 MC's.

Anyway the real highlight of the game was playing on my new board.  Looking forward to getting some games in at my leisure unbeholden to my local GW store's gaming night schedule.


  1. As you said I wish the picture showed a little more and that you'd taken a few more pics.
    Sounds like it had some great pic opportunities.
    Look forward to seeing more.
    I really wanna get make some friends to play some games with rather than the GW games nights.

  2. Ya, having your own means to have a game is great! I took the photo's with my phone so they did not turn out well. I'll put the others up after the post in order of the game progression.

    Another advantage of hosting my own games is that I'll be able to use a bigger/better camera rather than the phone at my local GW.

  3. Nice looking table, good to see my terrain getting some use :)

  4. lol, you'll have to come over for a game here soon and collect it. By the way did not know you had the other blog on the go. Added it to my blog roll.

  5. Oh snap. We'll need to scrutinize our photos more carefully before posting. Maybe black out any pieces that don't belong to us.

  6. Its becoming obvious to me that if I'm putting the Tyrant on the table I need to have some models coming off the flanks or deepstriking early. I'll never compete properly with a footslogging list. I'll always be playing catch up in the 5th round hoping to see a 6th. I need some deep threats and I've been avoiding those units because of how unreliable reserves can be and the fewer number of units on the table getting shot in the first 2 turns.

  7. Or rethink taking the Tyrant.