Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Setting a Goal

Ok, now that I have had a chance to look at the new Dark Eldar codex at my local gaming store I’ve decided not to undertake to start a new army.  As well, as a direct result of the book I’ve decided to shelve my Eldar for the interim while I wait for a new codex.  The Dark Eldar put the last nail in the coffin I’m afraid for their Craftworld cousins.  After looking at the point costing and codex creep that is patently obvious with the advent of the new codex, Craftworld Eldar simply cost too much to run around and try and survive the length of any given game.  I still love the models and fluff, it’s just that you don’t get to use them to their full effect.  The book is nearly reduced to tanks and a handful of infantry units (namely Eldrad, Avengers and Fire Dragons) that have any utility in the face of the new 5th edition codex’s.  I am excited though about the prospect of a new 5th edition Craftworld book.  I think the Dark Eldar codex lends itself to providing a nice glimpse of what might be in store for the Eldar.  I just hope that it does not come at the tail end of the 5th edition rule set.

So where does that leave me.  Well I have my Flesh Tearer’s ready able and willing to go.  The Blood Angels are a very competitive army that is well able to take on other 5th edition codex’s.  I also like the fact that running Seth and the Flesh Tearer’s somewhat separates me from the vast majority of other Blood Angel players out there.  I’ve tossed around a few ideas on lists for my marines and I think I have settled on a solid one that I will take the time to model and paint to completion.  Ultimately it is a MSU list with self imposed limits placed on my use of heavy slots to keep in line with the Flesh Tearers fluff.  I’ve got a strong Death Company presence as well at higher point levels which I believe is necessary to keep in line with the Flesh Tearer fluff.  I’ve also broke it down into 3 components to help me stay on track to complete painting and modeling of the army.  Essentially I will build it in three waves.  The first block will consist of 1000 points.  This is the size of the weekly game down at my local gaming store that I try to make on a consistent basis.  Second and third instalments will be 500 points each to take me up to an even 2k list. 

Block 1: (995 points)

Gabriel Seth
2x Priests with power swords
2 x 5 man assault squad with razor back, assault cannon, melta gun and powerfist
5 man assault squad with razor back, assault cannon, meltagun and powersword.
Fast Attack:
Baal Predator with assault cannon and heavy bolters

Block 2: (505 points)
Librarian with blood lance, armor of sanguinus
5 man assault squad with razor back, assault cannon, melta gun and powerfist
Fast Attack:
Land Speeder with 2 multi-meltas
Preadator with autocannon and lascannon sponsons

Block 3: (500) points
8 Death Company troops with thunder hammer and rhino
1 Death Company Dreadnaught with blood talons and drop pod.

So over all a fast army that packs a solid punch.  The immediate drawbacks I see is the lack of vindicators and for that matter any other heavy tanks other than my predator.  It also sacrifices two scoring units in favour of Death Company which might hamstring the list.  From what I have gathered; however, it is in line with Flesh Tearer fluff and I think a nicely themed list. 

As for modeling, I have all the models and really only have to put together approximately 20 infantry to make it work.  I also want to stay true to my undertaking to play with a painted army.  That is part of the reason for breaking it down into three groups as I build.  The first 1K should not take me long to paint up to a table top standard.  My goal is to have it completed in roughly a month’s time chipping away at it nightly.  The remaining 2 blocks then I can hopefully complete shortly before Christmas. 

In a way I’m glad that the Eldar are getting mothballed.  While I love the figures I was too indecisive in which list I wanted to play.  I now I have a reasonable goal to attain with what I think will be a fun list to play with.

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