Monday, May 29, 2017

First 8th Edition Eldar Battalion Detachment Nearly Completed...

Nearly done my first detachment that will net me 6 command points.  Farseer with singing spear, Spiritseer, Guardian squad with to be determined heavy weapon and 2 x 5 man Avenger squads.  The Avengers are nearly done, cleaning up and finishing a squad that I had started back when the 6th edition Eldar codex dropped.  Paint wise:

-Layer of Alaitoc Blue over existing paint job
-Highlight of Hoath Blue.
-I may end up painting the face plates blue or clean up and highlight the black.

-Plan to paint the brown strips with a layer of Ushabti Bone and Screaming Skull highlights to keep consistent with the defender squad catapults.
-Will keep the black bits black to help tie in with future wraithguns.  I'm going to try deep blue highlights on the black bits.

-I plan to go over yellow frills on helmit and sash with agrax wash, Yriel yellow with Dorn Yellow highlights.

Eyes and soul stones same as defender squads.

Once the Avengers are completed its time to paint up some wraith guard.  The goal is to get 2 regular 5 man wraith squads done.  Moving on from there I will either paint a wraith lord or 3rd wraithguard(blade) squad of some sort.

I'm hoping I can take single Warlock seer councils to act as my hq choice moving forward.  That way I can better up my command point totals with vanguard and spearhead detachments .  I'm also inclined to paint up the plastic Autarch with sword, hawk wings, fusion pistol, mandiblaster and wings as an additional HQ choice.  I have a feeling that the Autarch will provide an extra command point to a battleforged army due to the fluff. Plus I anticipate the Autarch being able to charge into combat: dish out some mortal wounds with the mandiblaster, jam a melta pistol in someones face, and fly out of combat with the wings.

Thats all for now.

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