Friday, March 25, 2011

Etched Brass

Just put in my order for some Forge World goodness:

3 – Flesh Tearer Brass Etchings
2 – Blood Angel transfer sheets
1 – set of Death Company rhino doors.

What finally pushed me into dropping the coin on the chapter upgrades was an article in this months White Dwarf showcasing a spectacular looking Flesh Tearer list.  What really stood out was the Flesh Tearer emblams spattered throughout the army especially on the Storm Raven and Rhinos.  So... me being a fool parted with some money to try and emulate the Forge World team.  My skills are nowhere at all at that level but dare to dream. 

Upgrading the vehicles aside, I also plan to attempt to eventually use some of the etchings on the right shoulders of a squad of assault terminators.  I also bought a Forge World chaplain dreadnought last summer when I was at Warhammer World and will attempt to pimp it out with some cool buzz saw motifs and add tons of purity seals. 

While I wait for the shipment to arrive I want to finish up my tactical and assault squads.  As it stands I pretty much have my 1k list planned out.  Though it’s still a tossup between using Death Company or a Honour Squad as my counter assault unit.  I plan to include both units once I start building past a 1000 points so I suppose which one I finish first does not matter.

As an aside, I plan to paint my  Death Company using the following paint scheme:

I remember when I first read this article years and years ago and was drawn to this paint scheme.  Now that I’m in the middle of building a Flesh Tearer army I think it fitting that I pay my proper respects to the original scheme.  Also, I think it would really make the Death Company stick out painting the yellow stripe along with the rest of the Death Company regalia.

Of course Seth will be my second HQ choice likely riding in a Storm Raven.  I would like to include another dreadnought and perhaps a chaplain as I approach 2k though nothing is set in stone at this point.

Anyway just wanted to share my excitement with respect to my Forge World order, have a good one all. 

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