Monday, January 27, 2014

2k Lizardmen With 3 Monsters

This is the list I'm going to bring for my next game tonight.

Slann - life, bsb, channelling staff, harmonic convergence, becalming cognition

Scarvet - carnosaur, la, gw

24 saurus - full command, spears
3 x 10 skirmishers

7 chamo skinks
20 temple guard - champion and banner
Bastilidon - solar engine

Ancient stegadon - sharpened horns

2k on the nose.

Playing skaven again, I should be taking sally's but I wanted to fit in a 3rd monster.  Going with life magic to 1) provide miscast defence 2) help keep the wounds on my monsters 3) give 4+ regen to my temple guard.  Loosing loremaster life stinks but I have great odds to get at least thrown of vines.  After that spell all the others are gravy.  No scroll again,  the chanelling staff has proved too useful to give up.  So I went with becalming to help shore up my defence.  Having the bastilidon helps support my magic phase giving me a guaranteed magic missile should I roll poorly on life. 

I know I will be facing  the bell, an abomb, doom wheel an assassin and tons of skaven.  The assassin has me worried but play, learn and adapt.  I really hope the carnosaur pulls its weight.  Its a lot of points for a t5 model.  Big reason I brought chamo skinks is to get the jump on war machines. 

Not the most optimal list but I like the look of it.  Also I think I've given myself the tools to deal with a multitude of threats.   I plan to play this army a good few times before I build up to 2.5k.  One big benefit of keeping the slann so cheap is that I can fit in an old blood on cold one at the 2.5k level.  I've already put the model together using spare bits from the carnosaur box. 

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