Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Eldar Dark Eldar Combo #2

Have not had much time lately to sink my teeth into 6th, in fact I’ve only played one game so far with my Blood Angels.  Between my house coming down around my ears and a busy work schedule things have been hectic to say the least.  Anyway, with my gripes aside I have been reading and listening to pod casts to see how the community at large has been absorbing 6th.  One thing that has really grabbed my attention is the dual FOC charts at 2k.  Again looking at an Eldar /Dark Eldar combo, I was thinking of building a list that fits in as many MC’s as possible.  Without much ado this is what I came up with:

Farseer – Divination
Farseer – Divination

4 x 10 Avengers

6 Wraithlords – Shuriken Cannons

2 Hemoculi – Hex Rifles
2 x 3 Wracks
2 Talos Pain Engines – Haywire Blasters

All in all 9 MC’s in the list.  Eldrad doom’s a couple of targets and fortunes the Avatar.  I have one 12 inch fearless bubble, two 12 inch guide bubbles.  Potential 80 anti-infantry shots a turn and two sniper back field shots.  Finally 18 strength 6 shots on my wraithlords.   I doubt very much I would ever invest in the models to try this list out but I think it might do ok.  I figure the Eldar army would advance behind the wraithwall while the Dark Eldar stay back to hold a home base objective.  Nothing too tactical: but for maintaining my units within the bubbles of force multipliers. 

If I were to forgo the Dark Eldar as allies, I think I would then take 2 squads of 20 storm guardians with an enhance warlock to act as fearless tar pits.  The two extra warlocks would also help out with wraith sight issues that might arise.

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