Friday, August 10, 2012

6th Edition Flesh Tearers

Ah the joys that list building brings me.  I've been puzzling over how to build a list that takes into account the models I've recently had painted for my Flesh Tearers.  I think I've come up with a decent one that (bar the Death Company) uses all the models I've had painted.  I've a second list in mind that tries to include as many Death Company as possible as well.


3 Priests

2 x 10 Assault Marines - Rhino, 2 Melta Guns, Melta Bomb
10 Man Tactical Squad - Missile Launcher, Plasma Gun,  Combi Plasma, Rhino
5 man Assault Squad - Rhino, Melta Gun, Melta Bomb
2 x 5 Assault Marines - Melta Gun, Melta Bomb

2 Baal Preds - Assault Cannons, Heavy Bolters

2 Storm Ravens - Plasma Cannons, Multi Melta

Total 2K

So the gist of the list is each raven holds a 5 man squad with jump packs and a priest to start in reserve.  The rest of the army starts on the table and uses their first turn to get into the center board with the fast rhinos supported by the Baal Preds.  The Librarian and remaining Priest ride with the 5 man assault squad in the rhino.  In total I have 49 feel no pain marines, between 6 and 9 scoring units, 2 fliers and 27 hull points.  One thing that I'm not sure about is whether the priest grants a feel no pain save when embarked in a transport to units outside of the transport.  If they don't then the list will have to be overhauled.  I plan to use skies of blood to drop my jump infantry into areas that need them most.  This will allow me to keep the ravens in zoom mode.  Also, when I want to take Seth along for the ride, I can swap him with the librarian and drop the heavy bolter upgrades on my preds to fit him in with relative ease.

Now, I've also had a score of Death Company painted up and changes to the list above to include them would be to drop my two jump infantry units, the heavy bolters and a single priest for 8 Death Company with 2 power weapons and a fist as well as the Death Company Dread.  This would give me 46 feel no pain infantry, 4-7 scoring units, 2 fliers and 30 hull points to play with.  In order to swap in Seth I would drop the death company fist and one power weapon.

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