Monday, November 12, 2012

1k Lizardmen to cut my teeth on

I'm firmly back on the fantasy train and have come up with a 1k list to cut my teeth on:

Hero (General):

Skink Priest: Plaque of Tepok, Ruby Ring


24 Saurus Warriors - Spears, Standard
2 x 10 Skink Skirmishers


5 Chameleon Skinks
1 Stegadon


2 Salamanders (separate units) extra handlers

A bit of everything to try and maximize the different rules for the Lizardmen at such a small point level.  I like the priest: though he is level 1 he will have 3 spells to choose from any given game.  In addition to drawing on three spells, fireball is guaranteed which is nice if I run across ethereal models.  The stegadon is likely a liability as I'm sure to come across cheap cannons but I love the model.  I figure having 2 salamanders will make up for any short comings of the stegadon.  Also, the 5 chameleon skinks should help alleviate any pressure the stegadon might face.

As far as modeling goes, I need to convert 5 skinks into chameleons.  There are quite a few good tutorials on Lustria Online that I will take advantage of.  Then its back to the tried and true army painter spray cans to finish up this list.

A second list I might try out would see me including a scar vet mounted on a cold one.  I would equip him with light armour, great weapon, venom of firefly frog, amulet of itzl, dragon helm.  I would have to scale down the priest and drop the chameleons along with one salamander to include him.  He would be a tough bugger though.  +1 plus armour save with a +2 ward save on the first wound taken along with 4 strength 7 poisoned/magical attacks.

If I went this rout it would mean less painting and modeling before I had a completed 1k army.  I figure the first list is better as the salamanders at this point level are gold however, I would like to have a beefy combat character to kick but with.


  1. Hi, nice list. Never thought about a steg for 1K battles.

    Usually I go with a scar vet, priest, 22-32 Saurus, 2 skink skimirsher units, 5 chamo skinks, 2 salamanders

    Keep us updated how the lists work out!


  2. Dude thanks for the feedback. I want to love stegadons no matter the form they take. Going to keep it real.