Sunday, December 9, 2012

2k Blood Angels: Hammer and Anvil

Taking a break from work and came up with the following list:

2 x Librarians - Epistolary, Divination, Force Axes


30 Death Company - 3 Power Axes, 27 Bolters

5 x 10 Assault Squads - 2 melta guns

Total Points: 1995

Hardy and mobile.  The 2 librarians saddle up with the Death Company casting 4 powers a turn to make the unit beastly.  5 assault squads then to provide mobility and scoring.  While the death company does not score (which normally is a liability) it certainly can contest.  Plan of action is to drive this unit forward to absorb enemy focus fire and evaporate enemy units.  I figure the presence of the 30 man mob would really screw around with an opponents target priority.  Normally one would want to take out the scoring units but if you let the death company get to your lines your toast.  Big glaring weakness is no answer to flyers, however, there should be enough power armoured bodies on the table to weather the storm.

An alternative to the above list would be to replace a librarian with an elite chaplain and drop the epistolary upgrade on the remaining librarian.  I lose 3 powers a turn but I guarantee re-rolls to hit and wound on a turn I charge.  I could then give every sergeant in the assault squads a melta bomb.  The Death Company would then get 2 extra power axes and 5 hand flamers.  I figure this would make the unit even more undesirable to assault.

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