Sunday, May 31, 2015

500 Point Flesh Tearer Detachment in 30 Days.

Lists are due tomorrow for the mini tourny starting at the end of June.  All painted and wysiwyg number one rule.  I've focused on 500 points using the flesh tearer detachment.  After tourny is over I want to run it with my eldar spirit host detachment.  Nice prepackaged 1500 point list.  Anyway army is as follows.

Librarian - auspex, gallians staff

Tac squad - flamer, heavy flamer, rhino

Fast Attack
5 Assault Marines - 2 melta guns, rhino

5 Death Company, jump packs

I like that it is a stand alone army using flesh tearer detachment.  Leaves me lots or room to try out some allies.

In order to complete it I need to paint 5 more marines and rebase all the models.  I have a 30 day window to get it done.  Time to dust off my hobby tools and paint.

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