Sunday, February 20, 2011

Turns out I had my Saturdays mixed up and the group will be getting together next week.  At any rate I got a game in against the guard list I played last week.  We decided to play a mission out of the battle missions book and randomly roled a space marine mission (I cannot remember the name but it's a lot like dawn of war where the marines are always attacking from their table edge and the opponent sets up on half the board).  My list was as follows:

Librarian - Blood Lance, Shield
10 Man Tac Squad with Meltagun, Powersword, Missile Launcher, Rhino
5 Assault Marrines with Meltagun.

The Guard army was as follows (to the best of my knowledge):

Command Squad with upgrades including 2 Meltaguns, some form of banner, powersword, Chimera
Platoon with 3 Autocannons, Grenade Launchers in the squads, small command squad with Meltaguns
Armoured Sentinal with Plasma Cannon.

The above photo shows the layout after my turn one was over.  All his heavy weapons were bunched up on the middle table edge.  I think this was a big mistake on the part of the guard as I was able to have a turn two assault.  My marines made short work of his heavy weapons and by turn three all he had left was guard infantry.  Turn 4 I was able to multi-assault 3 squads with my Tearers and essentially tabled the guard at that point.

Over all if the guard player had of put his heavy weapons closer to his table edge I would have had a much more difficult time getting my guys across the board.  I like how my list plays out and I'm starting to plan for my next 250 points.

One change I am thinking of though, not combat squadding the tac squad and giving them a plasma gun and plasma cannon.  Then take an honour squad with company banner and 4 plasma guns in a cheap razorback.  The librarian can ride with the honour guard.  The plan would be to seize middle ground then start blasting away with all the plasma.  Feal no pain mitigates the it gets hot rule.  Plus with the banner any unit in 12 inches re-roles moral and pinning checks.  At a thousand points I would also have a full assault squad likely reduced to 5 man units and a baal pred.

Not sure if it will work but I'm going to give it try and test it out.

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