Sunday, February 26, 2012

6 or so hours to go before dip dries...

Need to wait until tonight before I apply the mat spray (which I forgot to pick up).  Over all I'm liking the effect a lot.  There is some issues with pooling on parts of the model but I do need to give it some more time for the dip to set in.  I'm thinking that Army Painter is going to provide me with the tools to actually get a complete painted force on the table.  The biggest benefit for me with this painting system is the reduced time in setting up my painting area.  I've got a busy career along as being married with kids.  Time to paint my toy soldiers is a precious commodity.  The time it takes to pick colours, shade, layer et al. really hamstrung my ability to get any reliable painting done.  I'm hoping that things will go a lot quicker with the dip.


  1. The stuff looks great! I have a bunch of the OLD school models (from like when it was LM V. Brets) but they have a charm to them. I like your scheme a lot. I personally am going to go for a white base coat, brown ink and bleached bone built up into white for the skin and orange/purple stuff on the scales. You'll have to post some reports with how things work for you.

    I played a few practice games and I had a slaan with light in a 20 man Temple Guard unit, 2X23 Saurus warriors, 30 Chameleon skinks, 20 regular skink skirmishers and 4 Salamanders. The Saurus units had scar vets with GWs in them giving them a nice punch and a skink with scroll.

    Best part in my first game was enemy wizard rolled 3 6s and a 3 on 4 dice, thanks to becalming the 6s are discarded and loss of concentration, had a great laugh over that.

    Sofar the army is fun (DINOSAURS ARE SO COOL) and solid, good luck with your games.

  2. Thanks for the feed back man. Ya, I'm really happy with the way the dip turned out. I think the method to using dip is using base colours that are close to each other. I was looking at using purple on the scales but I think the imperfections of the dip/shading would stand out on a model with complementary colours. The skinks I want't to paint brighter and likely will use purples there.

    I've yet to play a game and kinda want to get a chunk of my army painted before I do. Your list looks great though. From what I read on Lustria Online is very strong especially with all the cham skinks and salamanders.

    I'm looking forward to playing games and will certainly post some reports up. One thing is for sure I'm really looking forward to the magic phase of the game using my slann. My local gaming area has seen a big shift from 40k to fantasy so getting games in should not be that hard.