Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thoughts on a Harlequin and Wraithseer combo

New list time...

I was really happy with how the wraithseer played last game, and have been fooling around with army builder (now that it includes it in the HQ options) to figure out a list I might bring down to my FLGS next time.  The big problem with the last list I played is it depended on a deathstar unit that could not deal with assaults.  I dig the wraithseer and perhaps I should be looking at not including a full squad of wraithguard next time.  I only need to select the basic unit to unlock the wraithseer.  Also, why bring another wraithlord when they pail in comparison to the wraithseer (in assaults anyway).  I've found wraithlords have too few attacks to make a big impact in Hand to Hand.  Also when they have to take fearless wounds, their toughness 8 is completely bypassed.

What to do then?  While I like the two lists I came up with why not include a Hand to Hand element to even things out?  Also, the rangers are a liability once my army starts marching up the board.  So, I have an idea to try out some Harliquins to capitalize on the veil of tears and provide my wraithguard a better save than given by conceal.  So here it goes another list to mull over:

Farseer - RoWard, Fortune

5 wraithguard
8 Harlequins + 1 Shadow Seer - 9 Harequin Kisses

(2) 4 Jetbikes + 1 Warlock - Shuriken Cannon, Singing Spear, Destructor

Total Points: 1000

The idea is to attach the farseer to the wraithguard and march them up behind the harlequins and the jetbikes start in reserve.  The wraithseer tows along for the ride.  Low model count for footdar but what the heck, I play Eldar for the models more than any other reason...

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